our role is to help businesses connect,communicate, and differentiate.
Specializes in transforming your business or organisation by setting it up online and allowing it to perform optimally and competitively through our cutting edge Web, App, & Software development solutions as well as digital marketing and other IT services.
Also assists new and existing organisations to revamp or create new brands, strategies, and products, through our specialized consulting services.

Who Are We?

Manobi  is a capable and dedicated multi-disciplinary company with the correct solution-based approach in steering modern business solutions, Particularly in Software, Marketing, and other Digital Solutions.  

Our experienced and focused team are well placed, well equipped and contain the correct experience and qualifications to carry out their functions with diligence and skill. It is our vision that Manobi may be of service to all prospective clients in the Private, Professional and Public sector.

Furthermore our Mission is to offer excellent service in each of our professional disciplines, in accordance with the finest details of a client’s requirements. We aim to offer our exceptional services in line with regulations and statutory practices, codes of conduct and integrity, thereby developing our team and providing a leading platform to serve the greater community, and have well served clients, and customers.

What we do

IT Services

We want you to Focus on the most important aspects of your business and let Manobi handle your transition, or adaptation into the digital world, giving more life to your business with our Tech services that span from Software & Web Developmet, Corporate System installations, To System User Training & management. 

Marketing Services

They say that Marketing isn’t everything, but it’s the only thing. So at Manobi we are commited to giving you the only thing that will give your business an edge over your direct and indirect competitors. We offer a range of exciting solutions such as digital campaigns, Brand design & redesign, positioning & strategy, to name a few


Business Direction and Strategy

We understand that businesses need to continuously adapt to change not only to stay ahead of their competition but also to remain relevant to existing and new clients. We at Manobi have positioned ourselves as a medium of assistance to businesses. Through our business direction and strategy solutions such as Business process redesign, Research & Insights, and Trend reports etc.

Not so fun fact!

The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), stated that South Africa has one of the highest failure rates of new businesses in the world, at an estimated 75%. Meaning that 8 out of 10 new businesses will fail.

Don’t be on the wrong side of the statistics. Let us hold your hand, and equip you with the  right tools that will allow your business to grow.